Beginner's Introduction

The Islamic Impact On The African-American Community

Poem from the Slave days
From the beginning of the cotton veil
I held an oath as they made sail in the belly of the wooden whale
That I would not fail
to reach my home again
All tied to the same chains
with our new names, we remained-
till our counted days.
Listen to our call and hear the screams
and please that one day we could be set free.
God's promise to me.
Out of it all we would come
with great substance.
Knowledge of, THE ONE.

The Islamic impact on the African-American community can be easily understood if we kept in mind that 80% of black slaves were Muslims, but were forced to convert to Christianity under different circumstances. Black people have been subjected to racism for hundreds of years; but the end to that is closing. Since the days of Malcolm X, Black resistance is becoming organized. Because of the equality of Islam, many Black Americans are finding their way back to Islam.  Today, 90% of all American converts are African-American. They compromise 42% of the Muslim community in the United States (i.e. larger than any group). It is nice to notice that 60% of people in Africa are Muslims.