Nur Habiba bint Geeston's Testimony

My Mother converted to Islam from Christianity 8 years ago during Shawwal when I was 7 years old and left me to decide for myself. Most of our family on both sides is Christian. My Mother was the first to convert(revert) in my family to Islam and this caused a huge uproar and opportunity for shaytan to play dirty. They would harass her and threaten to take me away from her and the whole nine years.

Last year came and I decided to get in to my faith which was at the time Christianity. I did try, but whenever I'd read the bible(My mother even went and baught me a new bible that I could understand better) I couldn't concentrate and I felt that I was reading unecessary stuff. I tried to "bring Jesus into my heart"(AstughferAllah,and pbuh) but I knew that just wasn't happening. I had been going to church off and on, and that truly turned me off. My Father is Holiness... (All the dancing around and fainting, and talking in tongues). 

Finally I got frustrated from just feeling like I was "floating" out there with no direction.I always believed in God but that trinity stuff never moved me (alhamdulillah). I went into prayer mode. I would sit on a prayer rug my Mama had baught me and just pray and cry for guidence. I had been fasting with my Mama during Ramadan and sometimes praying with her(Fajr). One day I dediced to pick up one of the many books she has on Islam and start reading. I couldn't believe it. I started to cry, Islam was what my heart had been searching for. Many of the things I read about I had already been doing or believed in.I knew I wanted to convert right away, and I shared this with my Mama and she took me to a masjid. I converted last year on April 11 at the age of 14. I cried with happiness and was greeted and hugged by muslims on my way out of the office.
Of course shaytan tried despretly to turn me back around to darkness and everything exploded. Mashaa'Allah , if He hadn't of given me Muslim Aunties and Uncles and Brothers and Sisters to support me, I feel I would have lost the battle. Allah(swt) is truly Akbar. My family has ever since then totally rejected us, harassed us, and talked trash about us and spreaded lies. It hurts badly because we had always been a very close family. But when I converted to Islam they became crazy. They harrassed me and my mother in "the name of Jesus" (AstughferAllah, pbuh).I would doubt Islam and my decison to convert constantly, but would always in the end hold strong and continue to learn. Fellow muslims would help me to understand concepts in Islam and encourage me.

Alhamdulillah for all experiences, this has made me a very strong person and made me see the reality of christianity and christians. To see the difference between them and Muslims. Mashaa'Allah I couldn't believe how generous and kind Muslims were to me, I would cry because of the good hearts I would find in them, I am so happy I converted. I wouldn't give up Islam for anything in the world. My faith has soared and I have gained so much hikmah (By the grace of Allah). My whole life has changed.
I am now 15 and wearing hijab and niqaab, subahaanallah. It is now the summer, but inshaa'Allah , He will bless me with the courage to wear niqaab(I have been wearing Hijab since last summer) to school. Only Allah should be feared not people.At the time I am in the process of memorizing Qur'an and du'aas 


Well this is my story, Shukran for taking the time to read it. Baraka Allah Fika wa jazak Allah Kheir. *La illaha illa Allah* *Muhammadin Rasoulu Allah*

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