Shakira Graham's Testimony

This is my story on my coversion to the beautiful religion of Islam. I was brought up in a Christian home. My grandparents are devout Christian Reformed and so is my mom for the most part. I was always taught that Jesus (may Peace Be Upon Him) was the only way to get into heavan. For most of my youth I didnít argue but as I got older I started to question things. I didnít understand the Trinity and how it could be three in one. All I got was thatís how it is. For a while I was just aimless and searching for meaning. Thatís when I found Islam.

I started reading about differant religions. Islam for some reason always caught my eye. Now being raised in the US my whole life I thought Islam was oppressive to women, and nothing but terrorists. I started doing research on the internet and read some more. My mom started to notice this and asked me what was going on. I told her that I was just curious and checking stuff out. At the time that was true. I really didnít intend to convert but something told me this was the reason for my being on earth. I studied for about a year. After reading and praying I was finding Islam was answering all my questions and not raising any also. Finally I felt the time was right and I went down to my masjid and took Shahada. I have never looked back since. My mother on the other hand is still not ok with my conversion but I just take it in stride and pray Allah (swt) give me guidance. To anyone looking to Islam, pray and then Allah will show you the true path.

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