Rashida S. (Rachel Singer - USA)

I came to Islam late, a daughter of a devout Roman Catholic mother/very devout Jewish father. By age 4 I knew of Allah and in 1991 I traveled to Egypt to read some of my writing. I had already spent almost 20 years among the most pious of Jews, had married, had children. When I heard the muezzin* before Fajr* his voice was like the arrow one dreams that a lover will shoot into the heart, it cut & held me unable to speak. Not even knowing Arabic, I knew the sound, it is like a recognition of something so profound, so great and if I may say, so sweet that one has been searching for. The Quran speaks to me clearly as if it was written for Jews to hear and wake up. I had to leave the community I lived in and my children. I did not chose to, I had to. Those of you, young and coming into Islam are truly blessed. You have your lives, will marry and raise Muslim children in'shallah.

The only people who can say they are Chosen, are those who search for the True path to Allah with all their heart.

Rashida S.

* Muezzin: A person who calls for prayers in the mosque. The AZAN is the call. It usually occurs 5 times a day. The AZAN's context is the following: Allah is greater...I witness that there is no god but ALLAH. And I witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Come to the prayer.. come to success...Allah is greater...

* Fajr: Dawn.

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