Far Exalted is He Above Having a Son

Ad-Da'wah ilallaah, Vol. 1 Issue 4


One day, al-Baqilani - a Muslim Scholar and judge - entered the court of the Roman Emperor while he was among his monks and priests. al-Baqilani mockingly said to one of the priests:

"How are you? How are your family and children?"

The Roman Emperor exclaimed: "We were told that you are the most articulate among the Muslim scholars and the most knowledgable; don't you know that our priests are deemed above having a wife and children?"

al-Baqilani answered: "How is it that you can't deem Allah above having a wife and children, but you can them? As if they were more sacred than Allah!"

The Roman Emperor was moved by what he heard and from then on felt a great deal of respect for al-Baqilani.