A Refutation of the 5%er Cult in America

We begin by praising Allaah the Glorified and Exalted who is not, nor has ever been a man, and we ask that He send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) whose alias is not Elijah Muhammad al-Kadhdhaab (The Liar). The average reader might find this opening strange but it will not seem strange when we examine the disbelief (kufr) that we are about to delve into.

At this time I have to point out that the 5%er cult is an offshoot of another cult called "Nation of Islam" [or as we call them the Nation of Kufr (Disbelief)]. The Nation of Islam (Kufr) has already been exposed on our webpage (www.troid.org) in the article "Islam vs. Farakhanism" and "How Louis Farakhan ‘duped’ the Muslim World". Therefore I will not be refuting the ‘aqeedah (belief) of the Nation of Islam except where it may be necessary to illustrate a point.

The ‘Aqeedah (Belief) of the 5%er Cult

I took nine points of what this cult group believes from a very popular 5%er website.

[1] That black people are the original people of planet earth.

A Muslim doesn’t care about such issues due to the statement of the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) saying, "All of you are descendants of Aadam and Aadam came from dirt." [1] And Allaah says in His Noble Book what means "O Mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you in the Sight of Allah is the believer who has the most piety. Verily Allaah is All Knowing, All-Aware" [2]

[2] That black people are the mothers and fathers of civilization.

Due to the seemingly racist repetition, I need to point out that during the lifetime of the Messenger of Allaah a man came to Bilaal (radiyallaahu ‘anhu) and called him "The Son of a Black Woman." Bilaal went and reported this to Allaah’s Messenger who ordered that the man who made the statement be brought to Him. The Messenger of Allah said to this man, "You make fun of this man because of his mother? (He was referring to Bilaal and that his mother was black) He Allaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) continued, "Verily you are a man who has some ignorance in you." [3] And in a narration collected by Imaam al-Bukhaaree in his book of adab (manners), he reported that the Messenger of Allaah Allaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, "Whoever calls to the affairs of Jaahiliyyah (ignorance,tribalism and racism), tell him to bite on the head of his fathers’ penis and do not to sugar coat it" (meaning don’t sugar coat the statement) [4]. Based upon these proofs and the above statements we would like to advise the followers of the Nation of Islam the 5%ers and all the other racist and ignorant groups to do exactly that.

[3] That the science of Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding man’s relationship to the universe.

I have to bring another quote at this time to explain "Supreme Mathematics." I also bring this quote to further depict the confusion that these cult followers are in. I took this quote from the 5%er web pages under the section entitled "What We Will Achieve" point #3.

"Peace. Peace is the absence of confusion (chaos) and the absence of confusion is Order. Law and Order is the very foundation upon which our Science of Life rest. Supreme Mathematics is the Law and Order of the Universe, this is the Science of Islam, which is Peace. Peace is Supreme Understanding between people for the benefit of the whole. We will achieve Peace, in ourselves, in our communities, in our nation and in the world. This is our ultimate goal."

Dear reader, if "Peace" is the "absence of confusion" I ask if the above statement is "absent of confusion"? To me it seems to be a circular sentence and "Mathematically" it doesn’t make sense. Let’s convert the above statement to mathematical terms.

Peace = confusion (chaos) = Order = Science of Life = Supreme Mathematics = Law and Order of the Universe = The Science of Islam = Peace = Supreme Understanding between people for the benefit of the whole.

Confused? So is the person who wrote this because the above statement is not "Mathematical", nor is it "absent of confusion", nor is it in accordance with any "laws" or any "order", nor is it "scientific", nor is it "Islaamic". I submit to you dear reader that this form of mathematics is "Supremely" philosophical and written by someone who is devoid of math, science, law, Islaam and logical thought. With that being the case I deem it necessary to now bring the Islaamic position concerning philosophy and people of theological rhetoric.

Imaam ash-Shaafi‘ee (d.204H) said:

"My ruling regarding the people of theological rhetoric is that they should be beaten with palm leaves and shoes and be paraded amongst the kinsfolk and the tribes with it being announced, ‘This is the reward of the one who abandons the Book (Qur’aan) and the Sunnah and turns to theological rhetoric (kalaam)." [5]

And Imaam ash-Shaafi‘ee also said:

"That a person is put to trial with everything that Allaah has forbidden, besides Shirk, is better than that he looks at Kalaam (theological rhetoric)." And his statement, "If people knew what (misleading and destructive) desires are contained within theological rhetoric, they would certainly flee from it as they would from a lion." [6]

Aboo Yoosuf, the companion of Aboo Haneefah (rahimahullaah) said, "Whoever sought knowledge by kalaam (theological rhetoric) will turn a heretical apostate." [7]

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (d.241H) said:

"The person of theological rhetoric will never prosper. And never do you see anyone looking into theological rhetoric except that in his heart is a desire for creating mischief." [8]

[4] Islaam is a natural way of life, not a religion.

This statement, which is borrowed from the Nation of Kufr, which is borrowed from the Qaadiyaaniyyah, which is stolen from the Muslims is strange when we take into consideration that Islaam to the 5 %er is an acronym. Islaam according to the5%er stands for I, Self, Lord, And, Master. The 5%ers have plenty of acronyms, for Allah, Islam, God, etc. Establishing acronyms as a meaning for a word has no basis in Islaam, neither does it have a basis in the English or Arabic languages. I can use the acronym Islam to teach al-Walaa’ wal Baraa’. Islam can stand for, I Shall Love Allaah Most and, I Shall Love Allaah’s Messenger, thirdly I Shall Love All Muslims. If I spell Islaam as it has been written in some books as "Islamm", I can even make the acronym mean I Shall Lose All My Marbles. Which if you believe that Islam stands for I, Self, Lord And Master, that is exactly what must have happened.

The word "Islaam" comes from the word "Salaam" which in Arabic literally means peace. However, "Salaam" and "Islaam" are slightly different. The word "Islaam" also implies "submission" or "surrender". Similarly the Arabic word "Sharee‘ah" literally means "big watering hole" (like where animals would drink) however "Sharee‘ah" also has an Islaamic meaning. In Islaam "Sharee‘ah" is understood to mean "the totality of the Islaamic Laws derived from the Qur’aan and the Sunnah". So based upon this example we can see that words can sometimes have a literal Arabic meaning and an Islaamic meaning. But I must bring to your attention the words "Islaamic meaning", can the word "Islaam" have anything but an Islaamic meaning? According to the 5%er "Islaam" is not an "Islaamic" word but an "Arabic" word. [9] I’m sure though any Christian or Jewish speaking Arab would agree that Islaam is an "Islaamic word" and not simply an "Arabic word." For more on this, refer to al-Lisaanul-‘Arabee or any English/Arabic dictionary.

The word "Islaam" means peace and submission to the Will of the only God worthy of being worshipped. This peace is contentment with yourself and your surroundings that could only be achieved by willfully submitting to God (Allaah),obeying what He commands and abstaining from what He forbids.

[5] That education should be fashioned to enable us to be self sufficient as a people.

The only thing that could be said is "What group does not want that?" But let us look at "self sufficient", if the 5%ers are indeed Allaah (God) as they claim(and will claim in point (no.7), then they would know that Allaah is al-Qayyoom (The Self-Standing or Self Sufficient). Qayyoom comes from the word Qiyyaam, which means "to stand." The prefix "al" (Alif and Laam) when attached to the Asmaa’ was-Sifaat (Names and Attributes) of Allaah mean and imply completeness and perfection in the meaning of the Name or Attribute being used. When the prefix "al" is put together with "Qiyyaam (Qayyoom)" it creates a hyperbole in Arabic, which changes the meaning from simply "The Standing" to meaning "The Only One Standing" or "The Only Self Supporting" or "The Only Self Sufficient". [11] If Allaah is already "Self-Sufficient" isn’t this a huge contradiction? Not only that but then the above statement in point (no. 4) also means that Allaah is in need of "education" and that He (Allaah) is a people.

Allaah says in His Noble Book what means:

"Allaah! There is no god (worthy of worship) but He- the Ever Living, The Self-Sufficient." [12]

Could this then possibly refer to a human being? Are people not dependent on each other? Do people not depend on oxygen to breathe? Do people not need food to sustain them? Indeed the statements of such people are foolish to say the least. And Allaah says (in many places):

"…And Allaah is All Knowledgeable…" [13]

Do these 5%ers know when they are going to die? Do they know when the world is going to end? Can they even remember what they ate for dinner a month ago? But Allaah is All Knowledgeable about all things. Finally Allaah says about Himself:

"He begets not, nor is He begotten. And there is nothing that resembles Him (Allaah) [14]

Can this apply to human beings? And the 5%ers say they created themselves and everything else. Yet they cannot prevent their own inevitable demise. Nor do they even know when their demise will take place. I’ll deal with this issue in its totality when I deal with point (no. 7).

6) That each one should teach one according to their knowledge.

Due to the fact that the 5%ers have no "knowledge", then what are the 5%ers in a position to teach? So it becomes necessary to quote the one who said:

"And the one who has nothing to present, can present nothing."

And we bring this statement and further ask, "What is a disbeliever (kaafir) going to teach another (kaafir) except to disbelieve in their Lord?" Also, let us bring the statement:

"Every crazed fool has put himself forward to teach,

Dull witted, yet claiming to be a scholar and a teacher,

So it is befitting that the people of knowledge should quote,

The ancient poem, famous and quoted in every sitting:

The sheep has become so weak and thin that its kidneys are visible,

Such that every poor ignorant person would pass it by.’

So we seek Allaah’s refuge against a soul which arrogantly seeks to raise itself to the level of mountains, whereas it does not equal even a seed! And in the view of the scholars and the students of knowledge, it is weak and collapsed. So it is as is said, ‘If those who did not have knowledge remained silent, then there would be no more disagreement.’

So the key to all of this is that each person should know his own worth and station, and then not transgress it by overstepping his or her bounds. And Allaah is the one who grants success." [15]

[7] That the black man is god and his proper name is Allah. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.

Since these 5%ers say they study Arabic, then let’s put the above statement in Arabic terms. Allaah in Arabic consists of only three letters- alif, laam (with shaddah), and a Haa. In order for point (no. 7) to work in Arabic the 5%er would have to be missing two arms or missing two legs or missing an arm and a leg or missing his head and an arm...you get the idea (because Allaah is only three letters). Also, "Arm" in Arabic is "yadd", which begins with the letter "yaa" and not with the letter "alif" and we could go on and on showing the contradictions in the statements, beliefs, and actions of the 5%ers. This is not the first time that a person (or group of people) have claimed this, let us examine the story of Ibraaheem. Allaah says what means:

"Do you not consider the one (Namrood) who, because Allaah had granted him and extended kingdom, disputed with Ibraaheem about his Lord. Ibraaheem said to him, ‘It is my Lord (Allaah) Who gives life and death.’ He said, "I give life and cause death.’ Ibraaheem said, ‘Allaah causes the sun to rise from the east, so if you are truthful then cause it to rise from the west.’ So the unbeliever was confounded, and Allaah does not guide the unbelievers to find proof against the people of truth." [16]

So the challenge to the 5%ers is a simple and old one and the challenge therefore remains. Maybe this challenge is too difficult for some 5%ers or maybe some use trickery like a rapper who calls himself "Rakim Allah" who when asked to fly, he responded by saying:

"I can do all of that in my mind."

What we should be asking as well for is something that we can all see and is apparent to everyone. Let them make the sunrise from the West for everyone to see and not be a figment of their demented and deluded imaginations. Some 5%ers become arrogant by such challenges and say things like:

"What do I want to do that for (referring to the challenges)."

And the reason for this is the same reason we quoted the above statement:

"And the one who has nothing to present, can present nothing."

[8] That our children are our link to the future and they must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated.

One who holds such heretical beliefs’ future is in the Hellfire as Allaah says what means:

"And whoever seeks a deen (way of life) other than Islaam, it will never be accepted, and in the hereafter he will be of the losers (in the hellfire)." [18]

Therefore, how can the one who cannot even save himself save the children? What the 5%ers have to do is cease and desist with such foolishness. What is better for them is that they come to the Deenul-Haqq (Way of Truth) and join ranks with the Muslims. And if they chose to be what they are upon, they should stop using words such as Allaah and Islaam in their cult. See, if the 5%er simply said he was "God" then the Muslims would have left them with that foolish idea, but when they say they are "Allaah", what are they saying except that we are praying to them? And what are they saying except that we fast for them? And what are they saying except that they created us? Is this not making fun of Allaah, Islaam and the Muslims? I sincerely ask the rulers and people of the Muslim lands that if these Mushrikoon (Disbelievers) visit our countries, that they be brought to the judge and given an Islaamic punishment, and I do not doubt it’s severity.

9) That the unified black family is the vital building block of the nation.

This statement has nothing to do with Islaam and I have already dealt with similar statements in points (no. 1-2).

Other Teachings of the 5% Cult in America

[1] That Allaah is represented by the number seven. They have even gone as far as to put the number seven in their flag. Portions of their flag are stolen from the Nation of Kufrs’ flag and then the number seven is put in it. The number seven has never been a number the represents Allaah in Islaam. Allaah is always referred to as "One". Allaah says:

"Say He (Allaah), is One." [19]

When I visited the two most popular 5%er web sites on the Internet, I counted twenty-two people who call themselves "Allaah" just on their cover pages! Not to mention their links have many more people who call themselves "Allaah"! Then the contradiction is obvious, Is Allaah seven? Twenty-two? But we have proven that Allaah is One.

[2] That 85% of the world are the ignorant masses. 15% of the people of the world know the truth. Of that 15%, 10% lie and fight against the 5% of the people using the 85% and the means at the 10% disposal. This leaves the 5%ers who are "the poor righteous teachers" who are "Allaah".

The strange thing is that the 5%ers, who do not even make up 5% of the African race, have invented these figures out of the air, as they have never provided any statistical evidences to substantiate these claims.

[3] That these 5%ers use music to spread their cult beliefs. Music in Islaam has already been forbidden and I would refer the brothers to read the book "The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing in Light of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah" by Aboo Bilaal Mustafaa al-Kanadee.

It is my belief that the record companies are purposely using the 5%ers to misrepresent Islaam. It seems the effort is to portray Islaam as a racist religion, so that the North American masses are confused as to what Islaam really teaches. Furthermore it is being used to portray Islaam as a "black thing" so that the "white" North Americans who listen to Islaam can feel excluded and expelled. This is due to the growing phenomenon of the growth of Islaam in North America and the large number of suburban "white" youth who imitate the urban "black" youth. Islaam is spreading in North America by leaps and bounds and its current stronghold of reverts (converts) seems to be in the African American communities. The portrayal of Islaam as a "black" religion would serve to segregate "white" North Americans from the way of truth which unites people on the basis of belief (‘aqeedah) and not on the basis of nationality, tribe, or race.

The reason Islaam represents a threat to America is a socioeconomic one. The Muslim is forbidden from paying or accepting interest, this is a huge threat to the banks, which are based upon a system of interest. Also Islaam recognizes that only the Sharee‘ah (Islaamic Law) can rule and govern mans affairs- this represents a threat to democracy. And there are so many examples we could give but it is simply the matter that Islaam is a complete "Deen" (system of life) which is too strong to be contained or confined by such a consumer/materialistic based socioeconomic system that the very blending of the two ways of life result in an explosion in the numbers of people who choose to become Muslims and prefer that system of life over their own society.

A person might think to himself that the above statement is due to an overactive imagination or due to paranoia. However when we see the movies which Hollywood has produced such as, "Not without my Daughter", "The Siege", "The Three Kings", and "Executive Decision". The idea does not seem so far fetched. Hollywood has even begun planning a movie, which casts Harrison Ford as the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), in a biographical film based upon a Tunisian author’s modernist book about the Prophet! These people in the entertainment industry have no desire to portray Islaam according to what it teaches and they have absolutely no professionalism or ethics whatsoever when it comes to researching the proper facts so that Islaam and Muslims can be portrayed accurately.

Now as far as Music and the 5%ers are involved let us look at a list taken from the 5%er website under the title "God-Hop" and ask yourself if a war against Islaam is taking place or are the Muslims simply paranoid? I conclude by presenting this list:

"Nation of Gods and Earths:

(past and present)

NOTE: ‘Still studying’ means still doing research/hasn't make a commitment but uses the "language".



Akiem Allah from Micranots

Andre the Giant (ShowBiz and A.G.)


AZ (past)

Big Daddy Kane

Black Thought (from the Roots)

Boot Camp Clique

Brand Nubian

BuckShot (Black Moon)

Capone and Noriega

C Knowledge (Doodlebug) from Digable Planets

C. L. Smooth

Channel Live

Chino XL

Common (still studying)

Company Flow


Dark Poets

DJ Clark Kent

Dred Poets Society

E. Bros.


Erykah Badu (past)



Future Sound

God Sunz

Grand Puba


GURU from Gangstarr (Still Studying)




King Jus

tKing Sun


Lakim Shabazz

Leaders of the New School

Lord Finesse

M.A.R.S. (from the Roots)

MC Shan

Medina Green

Mic Geronimo

Mobb Deep

Mother Superia

Movement X

Mystidious Misfits



Now Born Click

Nu*Born Records


Pete Rock


Poets of Darkness

Poor Righteous Teachers

Prime Meridian

Queen Latifah (Past)



Red Head Kingpin

Rough House Survivors

Scarmanga Shallah

Self Jupiter (Freestyle Fellowship)

Self Scientific


Scarmanga Allah

Self Scientific

Shorty Long

Smif and Wessun

Smooth B. (Nice and Smooth)

Supernatural (still studying)

Sun Risers

Sunz of Man

3rd Eye Cipher

Top Quality

Two Kings in a Cipher


Wise Born (Stetsasonic)

Wizdom Life

World's Reknown

Wu Tang Clan

YGz (Young Gunz)

Holy Tabernacle/Nubian Hebrew Islaamic Mission (Ansars), past and present

Askari X

Intelligent Hoodlum (past member)

Jay-Z (past member)



Mister Man (Bush Babees)

Posdonus (De La Soul)

Sciencez of Life

Tung Twista (past member)

FOI: (Fruit of Islam)




Ice Cube (still studying)



Maestro Fresh Wes

M.C. Ren

Nubian Mob

Proffesor Griff and the Last Asiatic Disciples

Public Enemy

RBXUnique and Dashun

X-Niggas (representin’ Indianapolis)

Black Panthers:


American Muslim Mission (Warith D. Muhammad):

Da Youngstas

Divine Styler

Orthodox/Sunni Muslims:

Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Dr. Soose (Madkap)


Malik B (from the Roots)




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