Dialog between a Muslim Scholar and Shia students

Remember that the only sect that is saved on Judgment-Day is the one that strictly adheres to holy Quran and authentic Sunnah, You find today so-called "Islamic" sects which claim that they embody true Islam. However, those sects do or say something that is totally against Quran or Sunnah. “Ibathiah” which is the main sect in Oman, believe that the holy Quran is created rather than descended upon prophet Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him)). This is totally contrary to the Quranic verse: “We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)” (9:15). Shi’ites also believe that the Imam is impeccable, that is, he can never go wrong, and that he knows about the future. Can anyone know about the future other than Almighty Allah?!! This belief of theirs contradicts the following verse: “"He (alone) knows the Unseen, nor does He make anyone acquainted with His Mysteries,”(26:72).

Scholar Salman Al-Odah (may Allah release him from the prison in which he has been unjustly thrown because he spoke out about religious contraventions in Saudi Arabia) met in the US Shi’ite students from Bahrain and the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia and the following dialogue took place:

Scholar: Tell me your opinion of the Khomeni of Iran?
Students: He was a great Islamic leader.
Scholar: Tell me your opinion of his revolution?
Students: His revolution prevailed over Kufr and scooped the Islamic Ummah from the mire into which it plunged.
Scholar: Do you think Khomeni put his trust in wrong places, that is, some of his followers who assisted him in his revolution were not worthy of his trust; they were deviant?
Students: Absolutely not! All his supporters were true Shi’ite Muslims who could never betray him; they were true to the Islamic cause.
Scholar: You said that Khomeni was a great leader and that he picked for his revolution the right people who could never betray him, because khomeni is an Imam and Imam can never go wrong. Is that what you said and meant?
Students: Exactly.
Scholar: Now tell me who is better Khomeni or prophet Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him))?
Students: Prophet Muhammad, naturally.
Scholar: Could the prophet go wrong?
Students: Certainly not.
Scholar: Could he put his trust in people unworthy of his trust?
Students: Never.
Scholar: So why do you disapprove of and slander those sahaba (prophet’s disciples) who were closest to him, like Abu Baker Al-Sadeeq and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab and say that those most righteous people of the prophet usurped khilafah from Ali Ibn Abi Talib. How could the prophet ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) trust those people whom you think are unworthy of his trust. The prophet ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) should have known better about their disloyalty.
Students: They were loyal Muslims during the prophet’s life but they went astray after his death.
Scholar: And do you think the matter of succeeding the prophet was so unimportant to Allah the Almighty that He did not tell the prophet ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) about it before he died?

The Shi’ite were struck-dumb!

There are many sects that consider itself Islamic while it is really not.
Any sect that has among its articles of belief something against Quran or Sunnah, no matter how small, is no longer Islamic.

Remember, brothers and sisters, that while you follow the Quran and Sunnah you may do something or believe in something that automatically casts you out of the fold of Islam. So beware! Stick to the letter to Quaran and Sunnah, no additions, no subtractions and no alterations. In this respect I remember a do’a (prayer) that the prophet used to say: “ O You who can turn eyes and hearts upside down do steady my heart on your religion”.