Exposing Al-Tijani’s Lies in His Book: 
“Then I was Guided”

The book called “Then I was Guided” was written by Shia's scholar (Al-Tijani) as a way to convert Muslims into Shi'ism. Since it does gather all of the Shi'as claims, by replying to that book, we have indeed replied to all of Shia's claims agianst Islam. The reply was written by Khalid al-Asqalani as a book called “Indeed, you have misguided”. It it available in our site in Arabic in Adobe Acrobat format. This partial English translation was provided to us from our brothers in Ansar Al-Husain site. We will publish each chapter as we translate it.


  1. Chapter One:

  2. Chapter Two:

  3. Chapter Three:

  4. Chapter Four: Answering Al-Tijani in his claim that the Prophet (peace be upon him) slanders the Companions

    1. Al-Tijani’s claim that the Hadith of The Pool slanders the Companions

    2. Al-Tijani’s claim that the Hadith of Rival on The World (Dunya) slanders the Companions

  1. Chapter Five:

  2. Chapter Six:

  3. Chapter Seven:

  4. Chapter Eight:

  5. Chapter Nine: Al-Tijani's Allegations against the Mother of Beleivers Aisha (may Allah be pleased at her)

    1. Al-Tijani’s claim that Aisha was the first who changed in the prayers

    2. Al-Tijani’s allegations against Aysha in the Affliction (Fitnah)

  1. Chapter Ten:

  2. Chapter Eleven: Answering Al-Tijani's allegations against Mu'awiyah bin Abi Sufyan

    1. Al-Tijani’s claim that Umar bin al-Khattab as quite gentle towards Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan 

    2. Al-Tijani’s claim that Mu’awiyah ordered to insult Ali, and that Mu’awiyah is not a writer of the revelation

    3. Al-Tijani’s claim that the reason Mu’awiyah killed Hijr bin Uday was because Hijr refused to insult Ali

    4. Tijani’s claim that Al-Hasan Al-Basri slandered Mu’awiyah

    5. Answering Tijani’s ill understanding of the happenings of the affliction between Mu’awiyah and Ali

    6. Al-Tijani’s allegation that Mu’awiyah poisoned Al-Hasan

    7. Al-Tijani’s claim that Mu’awiyah changed the caliphate from Shoura to a hereditary one

    8. Al-Tijani claims that there had never been a correct allegiance in the history of Islam from the era of the Rightly Guided Caliphs until the era of Kamal Atatork who ended the Islamic Caliphate except the Caliphate of the Commander of the Faithful Ali Bin Abi Talib

  1. Chapter Twelve: Answering Al-Tijani's Libels against Abu Hurayrah

    1. Tijani’s claim that Abu Hurayrah narrates fabricated hadeeths and the answer to this claim

    2. The virtues of Abu Hurayrah from Shia's books!

  1. Chapter Thirteen: Miscellaneous




    4. Answering Al-Tijani in his claim that the four Sunni Imams learned knowledge from Imam Jaffar Al-Saddiq