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Quran Translation Download For Free
Quran translation (text files) zipped as self-extraction file
Quran translation by Dr. Khan in Muhaddith format


—Learn To Pray— Audio And Visual Program Download For Free new


Comparative Religion Books You Can View Online Or Download For Free
What did Jesus really Say? very informative
Who is Our Savior ? (Allah or Jesus) new exposes Christianity!


Free College Scholarships For Qualifying Muslims
List of scholarships from the National MSA
College Resorces for Muslim Students
American Open University : Get a Ph.D. in Islamic studies while you are at home!


Books On Islam Basics You Can Download For Free
The Golden Book (Arabic Only)


Books On Hadeeth And Sunnah You Can Download For Free


Daw'ah (How To Invite To Islam) Books You Can Download For Free'


Arabic / English - English / Arabic Dictionary
Sakir Dictionary


Qur'aan Translations View On Line
Complete List


Free Copy Of The Quran
list of organizations that may donate the Koran


Receive Daily Ayah (verse from Qur'an) Translation For Free


Receive Free Islamic Stories For Kids


Free Muslim E-Mail


Free Muslim Web Page Space


Free Muslim Clinics


Muslim Student Association Free Items
How to Organize Your MSA Log Book

Do you wish you could see exactly what other groups are doing, and learn from them? Then download this file and do a Project Log Book for your organization, and encourage other groups to do them, too! (41K Zip file contains 3 MS Word documents)

Guidelines for Establishing Islamic Study Circles (Halaqas)

Download this 79K (Zip file, contains many MS Word documents)

Guidelines for Establishing an MSA Library (coming soon)
Summary Notes on a Time Management Workshop

(Zip File )

How to Teach the Quran To Children

(Zip File of 7 KB)

Quranic Ayahs of the Week

(With Fonts) (Zip file, contains MS Word documents) file which has many beautifully prepared bezels of Quranic Wisdom for you to print, xerox, and post around your campus.

Basic Planning for Small Islamic Organizations


Free Muslim Yellow Pages Directory


Free Muslim Greeting Cards


Free Muslim Matrimonial Sites


Free Islamic Radio And Speeches On-Line
Quran Al Kareem radio station
Online Islamic audio lessons
Bader Center
Khutbah on-line Islamic sermons
Islamic Radio (what CNN hides, now Learn the Full Story)
Voice of Islam
Ahmed Dedaat (hear is great speeches)
From Pakastan, Khutbahs (Sermons) in Urdu
Dr. Jamal Badawi (additional great speeches)


Interest Free Islamic Banking


Free Islamic Gateway CD


Free Islamic Pictures


Free Islamic Arabic Fonts


Free Islamic Prayer Time Programs


Free Islamic Moon Calculator


Free Muslim Screen Saver
Beautiful Hajj screen saver here
Other Free Islamic Screen savers here , This is the best Screen Saver that I've ever seen.


Muslim Names, choose a name for your child